Zarraffa’s Roastery is located at the company’s head office at Helensvale on the Gold Coast.

The Roastery, which was first opened in 1996, is owned and operated by the Zarraffa’s Coffee founders and produces approximately 218 tonnes of coffee for the Zarraffa’s family of stores each year.

Zarraffa’s Roastery operates gas fired air roasters, designed to deliver perfectly roasted coffee blends consistently. The air roasting technology (more widely known as a fluid bed roasting) uses a stream of hot air to roast the coffee beans. The air is of necessary force to cause the beans to flow or to swirl, giving the beans the appearance of being a “fluid bed”. This leaves clean, fresh and palatable coffee beans with a delicious taste.

Zarraffa’s Roastery supplies all Zarraffa’s Coffee stores Australia-wide with the coffee arriving at each store freshly roasted and ready to be enjoyed at its flavour peak.

The Zarraffa’s Coffee blends and origins, characteristics and roasting profiles were designed and developed by the founders of Zarraffa’s and remain a consistent factor in the great taste of the coffee-based drinks at each location.

High grade Arabica beans – a unique blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian beans are sourced, roasted and used to produce the house coffee blend.

Zarraffa’s Roastery has a special bond with the country of Kenya and in particular the town of Meru where a ‘trade, not aid’ relationship has been fostered so that Zarraffa’s can give back (via the Zarraffa’s Foundation ) to the communities it sources beans from. This means that each cup of coffee purchased is in some way helping coffee growers, families and communities around the world.

The Zarraffa’s Roastery provides the essential ingredient to your daily cup of coffee.