Cold Fusions®

Coffee Fusion™

Espresso blended with milk and crushed ice.

Mocha Fusion™

Espresso blended with choc fudge.

Caramelised Fusion™

Espresso blended with caramel fudge.

White Chocolate Fusion™

Espresso blended with white choc fudge.

Crème Fusions®

Crème Caramel™

Caramel fudge, vanilla syrup and ice cream, topped with caramel drizzle.

Crème Chocolade™

Choc and white choc fudge, laced in rich choc drizzle.

Crème White Chocolade™

White choc fudge, ice cream with white flakes topping.

Crème Strawberry™

White choc fudge, strawberry syrup, ice cream and white choc flakes.

Crème Cocoa de Menthe™

Choc fudge, peppermint syrup, ice cream and choc flakes.

Chai Fusion™

Spiced chai syrup blended with chilled milk and ice.

Cool Down

Iced Americano

Espresso over chilled filtered water and ice.

Iced Latte

Espresso poured over chilled milk.

Iced Mocha

Espresso, choc fudge over chilled milk.

Iced Chai

Spiced chai syrup with chilled milk.

Iced Flavoured Milk

Flavoured fudge of your choice poured over chilled milk and ice.

Iced Tea

Organically brewed chilled ice tea. Lemon, Mango and Peach flavours.

Iced Chocolate

Choc fudge with chilled milk, topped with ice cream.

Latte Float

Espresso with chilled milk, topped with ice cream.

Mocha Float

Espresso with choc fudge, poured over chilled milk and topped with ice cream.

White Chocolate Mocha Float

Espresso with white choc fudge, chilled milk, topped with ice cream.