Backyard Policy

Zarraffa’s Coffee has always felt compelled to give back to the very community from which we operate, and therefore have displayed an active involvement in the local community. 

Zarraffa’s Coffee has always taken pride in being able to give back to the very communities from which it operates.

Zarraffa’s have coined this support its ‘Backyard Policy’ where they aim to assist with the problems faced within local communities, supporting those who most need their help.

In recent years, their backyard has grown larger and Zarraffa’s has sought to aid coffee-growing communities in other parts of the world. This includes sourcing trading opportunities that support a sustainable way of life and by donating funds to aid communities or some of the world’s most endangered wildlife.

The establishment of the Zarraffa’s Foundation in 2012 (formerly Ecoforce) provides an umbrella for charitable projects and raised monies in support of the company’s ‘backyard policy’.

Giving back helps Zarraffa’s grow as an Australian-owned and operated business and your support of our family of stores means that we can all do our bit for our backyard…one cup at a time.